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Tomorrow, Microsoft will introduce the third generation of Surface
Tomorrow in the US, Microsoft will hold a new event, its main theme will be the announcement of the Surface Mini.

Update Mac OS X 10.6.8 removes viruses with Mac
First of all, Apple uses the Mac OS X 10.

How to open a command prompt in Windows 7 folder | Encyclopedia of Windows
Tips and Tricks [7] Often there is a need to open a command line so that did not have a long and tedious to prescribe the path to the desired folder.

Screenshots of Windows 7 Build 6956
So far, Microsoft has been working hard over the embodiment of Windows 7 Beta 1 in reality, various online publications and individual amateurs with might and main novelties released screenshots have emerged for future builds of the operating system.

Block page and classmates
Hello, tell me where I can appeal more?

I went official YouTube client for Windows Phone
As you may remember, in the spring of this year, Microsoft has introduced a mobile client popular video service YouTube for smartphones running on Windows Phone platform.

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