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Si për të djegur imazhin në disk
Si për të djegur një imazh disku në një disk lazer Load programin për regjistrimin e CD këtu.

Undocumented access to Windows 7. Windows 7 settings All settings in one place
In response to questions on his blog, Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft`s Windows division for development, said several similar undocumented features provide direct access to all kinds of settings, from choosing a location to managing power settings and identifying biometric sensors.

Microsoft is preparing another series of patches
In five of them will contain information about vulnerabilities in Windows operating systems, different versions.

Rumor:Microsoft wants Nokia refused tablet Sirius
The deal between Nokia and Microsoft will not be completed until early next year, as before, it must be approved by shareholders of both companies, but according to the information, the US company has said its property and Nokia is trying to impose its own solutions.

Microsoft invites you to test the new Office
At the beginning of July it became known about the launch of Pre-Release Program Program for Office, which participants can test the new features of office software before their official launch.

SMS debt
Net Manage FSSP Perm actively developing new technology.

Google G1 cheaper Apple iPhone 3G, but is it better from this?
The research firm iSuppli said that the HTC is able to produce its G1 phone for much less money than puts Apple for their iPhone 3G.

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