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Employees of Apple testing iOS 7.1.1
A little more than a month ago, Apple issued a final public version of iOS 7.

Work on USB 3.0 specification is complete
A few days ago a group of founders of the USB 3.

Sales of Xbox One in Russia will start September 26
Even last year, software development, Microsoft has presented to the public a new video game console Xbox One.

Strehimi i njësisë së sistemit është mposhtur aktuale
Ajo nuk punon në tastierë USB në një kompjuter.

Old Fight Club
Programs The game "Fight Club", or BC, is the first and very popular browser-based role-playing game Runet Later new created on its basis, not less interesting games, but bc of popularity they have not already reached.

The operating system for Android Wear watches
Yesterday, the Internet giant Google officially introduced a special version of its Android mobile operating system for handheld devices.

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